Thoughts About a New Leadership Term

As we start a new leadership term, I want all of you – leaders and scouts to think about a few things:

Operate as patrols

Do everything by patrol, unless you absolutely cannot. Line up by patrol, cook by patrol, train by patrol, compete by patrol, and help your patrol members advance together. 

Participate constructively

Remember the Scout Oath and Law: a Scout is obedient and courteous. 

Respect the Troop organization and what the group is trying to accomplish. 

Yes, you should have fun, but your enjoyment is richer and longer lasting when you are accomplishing goals and learning new things. 

Leadership is not easy

Leaders: it’s your chance to set the atmosphere. Don’t take “no” for an answer.” 

Scouts: you elected your leaders, now give them your attention and support to get things done.

Proudly wear your uniforms

Wear them properly to every meeting.