Welcome to a New Scouting Year

My goal is that you all become great Scouts. I want you to live by the Scout Oath and Law and to know your Scoutcraft. I hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. And, I want you to be good leaders. That is a Scoutmaster’s primary job: to train you as leaders.

I don't just want you to wear a patch, or be called Patrol Leader, or get things signed off in your book. 

I want you to be truly good leaders – in Scouting and beyond.

This month’s theme is Patrol and Troop Spirit. Over the next few meetings, we will talk about our vision and goals, and we'll develop a code of conduct for Scouts. 

I would like to recognize Scouts who demonstrate these ideals. 

I heard the bike trip was a big success. Long days, but lots of smiles. 

David T. - He kept the group together, was mindful of safety, and set a pace everyone could follow. 

Patrick J. - I heard he was very handy with his tools, and for such a young Scout, he demonstrated leadership by being prepared and helping others fix their bikes.