Leadership: Inspire someone, Inspire each other

Last time we talked about troop culture and how the “normal expectations” are more powerful than formal rules.

You can’t lead with just rules and discipline. You need something else. You need to provide a vision. You need to inspire your team to get there.

What is the definition of "inspire?" To fill (someone) with the urge to do something, especially creative.

It’s hard to create a rule that fills someone with a creative urge!

How can you inspire someone? Well, what inspires you? 

  • A great win from your favorite team? 
  • A song? 
  • A random act of kindness?

I will tell you that you inspire me when I watch:

  • A Patrol break camp and get underway on an early morning hike
  • Scouts laughing with each other on a cold rainy campout
  • Two brothers run a 5K race in 20F weather to raise money to cure their friend's disease

You inspire me, and I hope that sometimes, I inspire you.

Inspire someone. Inspire each other.