Sky Meadows Recruiting

In November, the St. Mark’s Boy Scout Troop 1978 visited and camped out at Sky Meadows State Park. They had a wonderful and slightly challenging time with the cub scouts and many youth considering joining scouts. The scouts arrived at Sky Meadows (still hungry even after eating a hardy dinner on the car ride there) ready to hike. We got out of our cars and started the mile hike in the slightly illuminated light. Once we got to our campsite, we set up an axe yard and went to sleep. The next day we woke up at seven and had a cold breakfast and when finished we hiked back to the cars to gather gear for meals and jobs. We then gathered firewood and set up for activities. We had many scouts advance in requirements and learn life skills. We then ate and cleaned up lunch using special clean ensured ways. After a nice meal we worked on cooking, tool handling, lashings, and fire building with the younger and considering scouts. While kids had fun many parents were being welcomed into the troop.

While the scouts worked on teaching the cubs scoutcraft, the adults had a fire-building contest.

Let's just say, the scoutmaster almost won.

After that the cub scouts left for their cozy home. The boy scouts then made a yummy dinner in a cook off by each patrol using Dutch ovens. After cleanup we then set up the troop campfire. During which we said scary, silly, and stupid stories (sort of) and made announcements. Since it was a long day everyone went to bed early… well not really. We then had breakfast and went hope feeling drowsy and definitely CLEAN.