bsa girls

Izaak Walton Campout October 2019

Our October campout was our shooting campout so we drove for 30 minutes to our campsite by the ranges. The first morning, everybody woke up, ate breakfast, and washed their dishes. We all walked over to the archery range and took our turns shooting arrows at targets. Afterwards, we went to the shotgun range. We spent a while there shooting clay pigeons and we also ate our lunches there. When we got to the rifle range, it was too full, so we went back to the campsite and formed stations that would help scouts get their requirements signed off. We had first aid, lashings, and fire building. We got through one rotation before it was our turn for riflery, so we walked back to the range and got our safety gear on. By the time we had shot 2 or 3 times, it had been a while, so we headed back to the campsite and went back to the stations. Once we finished all three rotations, we used the final group’s fire to make the big fire for dinner. We all ate dinner and then hurried over to the indoor air rifle range. We waited for about 30 minutes but the people in charge of the range didn’t show up so they sent us back to the campsite to have a campfire. We couldn’t get the fire started and it had taken too long once we did start one, so we went back up to the campsite and then had a campfire with the fire from dinner. We went to bed pretty late and we had to pack up all of our things that night because it was going to rain the next morning and we had to get out of the campsite quickly. We woke up the next morning and got our tents packed up and left the campsite really early because it was raining. We discussed our roses, buds, and thorns in the parking lot and then went to IHOP for breakfast. It was an action packed weekend!