BSA Girls Troop 1978

Vienna, Virginia



For girls who want to push their limits and explore their world, our scout-led troop provides opportunities for challenging outdoor adventures and real-life leadership experiences.

St. Mark’s independent girl and boy troops share a common culture of high adventure and leadership training. They also share resources and coordinate joint activities, which gives them early exposure to real-world teamwork and interaction.

Our program is …


Scouts plan, teach, and execute all meetings and campouts. Adult mentors offer coaching in the background. This framework is the foundation for developing resilience and grit because it allows scouts to have a safe place to try, fail, and then try again.

hands-on and goal-oriented

Weekly activates and campouts are fun, but not for fun's sake. They are carefully planned to develop skills in self-reliance, character, physical fitness, and leadership. Scouts continuously challenge themselves mentally and physically as they advance.

Focused on community service and awareness

Scouts in Girl and Boy Troops 1978 are known within our community and beyond for their character, service, and leadership skills.

built on enthusiastic volunteers

Parents and community members are actively engaged in creating a well-run, well-rounded program.

Weekly Meeting

2019-2020 Camping Schedule

During the School-year

Girls and boys camp separately but follow the same schedule:

  • October: Shooting Sports

  • November: Camping Skills Campout

  • December: Holiday Party

  • January: Winter Merit Badge Camp + Venture Backpacking

  • February: Ski Day Trip + Girls’ Camporee

  • March: Backpacking

  • April: Scout Skills Campout

  • May: Assateague Beach campout

  • June: Whitewater Rafting Day Trip

Summer 2020

Summer 2021

  • Northern Tier (high adventure camp)

How to Join

To join the Girls’ Troop 1978, just fill out this form and come to our next meeting. We follow the FCPS calendar. So if school activities are cancelled on a Tuesday night, we won’t meet.

Once you are at the meeting, look for a uniformed leader and let them know it is your first meeting. He or she will help you fight the right place to go and set you up with the proper paperwork to get you started!

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